AGO Phonics Zero

AGO Phonics Zero

AGO Phonics Zero is a CVC words card game for practicing and developing reading and decoding skills through play.

AGO Zero consists of two decks of 54 cards. Both decks have 36 learning cards and 18 action cards. 96 different CVC* words are practiced in the game. All vocab is phonetically regular i.e. the words can be read using only the simplest phonics decoding rules.


Deck 1

Learning cards have 3 illustrated words that either rhyme (e.g. cat, hat, rat),
or have a different vowel sound (e.g. hat, hit, hut). 

Deck 2

Learning cards have six vocab words printed in random order and without picture clues. 


Students’ skills often improve through three stages of ability as they play the game:

About the target vocabulary:

*CVC words are three letter words in Consonant, Vowel, Consonant order. The game vocab also includes some four letter words ending with ‘ck’, and few two letter words (ox, ax, up). 12 words are repeated (generally due to a lack of viable vocab). A few words are common abbreviations. (pup, for puppy, sax for saxophone, ted for teddy etc.)

How to Play AGO Phonics Zero Games:

Illustrated rules for three ways to play the games are included inside the game box .

Besides playing regular AGO Last Card rules with either deck one or deck two, there are some exciting and innovative new ways to play that combine both decks together.

These games are pretty easy to learn, work great, are lots of fun and target players at the different stages of ability.

AGO Phonics Zero Game Rules and Ideas