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Need a translation sheet?

Click this link to visit our youtube channel.

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AGO Apps:


  APP NAME / Info
Q&A Soundpad 
(Free to download, 
IAP for bonus features).
Phonics Soundpad
(Free to download,
IAP for all features).

We are not really App making specialists. The apps above are not games, they are supplementary materials that users can use to listen to pronunciation guidance, translation and things like that. 

Note: all of our apps are 100% ad free (cos ads are annoying at the best of times, and not a great look when snuck into educational products, we feel).

Some premium features require an in app purchase though, usually just a one off fee.  Feel free to click it to help cover part of our development costs. The more people that pay, the more budget we have to improve these apps! 

Feel free to send us an email if you have any feature requests. For now, the above apps are very simple – but one day we may gamify them, or add versions for users of JGO, Auf Deutsch and other languages, and other things like that.

As of April 2023, we no are no longer updating the previous “Home Edition” versions of these apps. If you  are using one of these versions, consider switching to a new version via a link above. The new version have all the functionality of the Home Edition versions, more bonuses and less bugs!