Congratulations! You did it!

Well, we hope it was you and not us.
That is to say, your box of AGO cards (finally?) wore out and split open !

Really Sorry about that!

They are made of paper after all, so the glue can eventually fail over time, especially if they are used a lot*. Luckily a split open box can be easily remedied, as per diagram on the box. One slice of tape, and it’s good as new. We hope that does the trick.
You can also use glue, but tape is easiest in our experience.

Feel free to drop us a line to tell us about your experience. Maybe we will save a space of you on the box wreckers wall of fame one day: 

*And if you feel like you got dudded and your box just fell apart and  are unhappy about it, please let us know as well!