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AGO Phonics cards are a fun learning aid for emergent readers and those new to English!

AGO Phonics box set
The AGO Phonics box set contains levels 1-3 inside a sturdy magnetic box!


The four AGO Phonics levels each feature 36 phoneme / word family targets and 108 words to learn!

54 playing cards per deck (36 phoneme targets, and 18 ‘action cards’).
Most games work best with 2-6 players.

AGO Q&A games each feature 36 graded illustrated Q&A questions, alongside action cards.

Besides being fun, the carefully graded questions sneak in a whole lot of grammar and vocabulary in a fun way!

AGO Q&A card games were nominated for a prestigious ELTon award in 2012! It is the world’s best selling EFL card game.

AGO Q&A Box Set includes levels 1-3 in a sturdy magnetic box!

In AGO Q&A, players spend equal time asking and answering questions!

AGO QnA card games structure
AGO Q&A games build vocab and grammar understanding alongside practice conversational skills.

54 playing cards per deck (36 phoneme targets, and 18 ‘action cards’). 
Most games work best with 2-6 players (but ‘signature game’ can work with 36!).
For ages 6 to adult.
The five levels contain progressively difficult grammar and vocabulary targets.


AGO Brainbox EFL game
AGO teamed up with UK company Green Boardgames to make this game specifically for the needs of the EFL market!
Brainbox AGO cards dice and timer
There are 8 questions on each card, each related to the picture on the front. Questions 1-4 are easier. Question 4 and question 8 are topic related questions. After answering, players together decide whether an answer is correct.

54 square cardboard cards, dice and a timer. 2-5 players.
Contains simple English Questions (approx AGO Q&A Aqua / Green level) that refer to the content on the picture side.  

AGO Link is inspired by the popular Japanese word game Shiritori. In the game, generally the goal is to match the last letter of one word with the first letter of another word.

AGO Link card diagram
Link last and first letters between cards! This game introduces 150 picture words to learn and practices scanning skills!

These games are similar in structure and content to the AGO Q&A games, each customised to capture the quirks and culture of each language. Currently only Aqua level is available. Contextual picture clues make these games playable even by those with no experience in the languages!

AGO Q&A Level 1 is now available in four languages besides English! We hope to add more languages and extend the content to all AGO levels in the future!
AGO Halloween card game practices sentence structure. Game play revolves around matching keywords between cards.
AGO Halloween Board Game is an extension for the cards. It’s a strategy game, where players try to place chips in straight lines of 4 or more in a row.
AGO Christmas EFL card game cards
AGO Christmas is a QnA card game with 36 Christmas themed questions. It is similar to AGO Green difficulty-wise.
AGO EFL Christmas card game poster
the A1 sized poster looks great on the wall, and features all the vocab used in the game!
AGO Phonics and QnA card game apps
AGO apps supplement the cards, easing the reading burden for younger students, and providing clear sounds for students to model. The Apps can be downloaded and used for free on both IOS and Android. Click the image to visit the download links page.




Scratch My Back EFL card game
Scratch My Back is an evolving role play card game, where you negotiate asking and answering crazy requests! Combining strategy and luck, it is also the first ever AGO card game!

108 playing cards. 2-5 players.
Recommended for intermediate level English speakers and up (works especially well with Junior high and senior high students).

AGO Posters brighten up any classroom or bedroom! Their content matches and sometimes extends the card game vocabulary

There are many ways to use AGO cards, limited only by your imagination!
 ‘Shedding’ type card games (such as Crazy 8s), ‘Go fish’ and ‘Speed matching’ games are a good place to start for those familiar with them. 
You can find more game ideas, tips and instructions on the downloads & videos page.

A selection of AGO card game action cards
Q&A and Phonics Games usually have 36 unique educational cards, and 17 ‘action’ cards. With this combination, many games can be played!