AGO Christmas 2nd Edition

My how time flies! This Christmas season will be AGO Christmas’s tenth! And after all that time to reflect, improve design skills, play in the classroom and listen to customer feedback, it seemed the right time to remake the game this year!

The basic idea is the same: a Christmas themed QnA card game for EFL students. While the overall content and language targets are similar, we’ve made a lot of design changes and improvements, and several of the ‘weaker’ question cards were replaced, with what we considered better and more interesting options.

Printing on bigger cards allowed the space to add more elements and content onto the cards – leading to extra vocab items, and it also made it possible to label all vocab used in the game.

We also added a bit more color to the designs, and put them in a fancy two piece box!

And also, the instructions this time around include a complete translation of all questions into Japanese. Hopefully that makes the game easier to play at home!

Hope you like it and Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

A comparison between the 1st and 2nd Editions (2nd edition are the bigger cards).

Get your copy in time for the Christmas season at (click to follow link)

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