AGO cards mix exciting gameplay and optimized educational content to make learning fun!


Phonics card games, Q&A games for learning English, French, Japanese, German and Spanish, and more!


Our supplementary apps add voices, sound effects, accents and context to the AGO card games!

There are lots of ways to play and use AGO card games. Here you’ll find game ideas, videos, and downloadable content.


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AGO Phonics Zero - a new CVC words card game lands in November 2022. Click the image to learn more!

AGO games are intuitive, fun to play, and packed with useful and practical content! Our card games are designed primarily with the needs of the EFL and ESL* students in mind. 

By popular request, there are now versions of AGO Q&A card games in French, Japanese, Spanish and German languages, too! These games can even be played by absolute beginners (but in these cases you’ll probably be wanting to download and print a translation sheet to refer to the first few times you play).

For native speakers of English, products such as the AGO Phonics card game series and AGO Link can also function as a useful and fun tool for children at the ’emergent reader’ level. These card games provides a fun way for players to explore the sounds and letter patterns that make up the written English language!!!

*  students of English as a foreign or second language.

Halloween season is here! Click this link for some free downloadable Halloween content!

AGO Halloween Materials

Here are a few supplementary classroom printables you can use in your ESL lessons, or give out for homework.  Happy Halloween Everybody! PS. If you’ve

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