Getting EFL Students Fluent at AGO QnA Aqua within One Year

Elementary aged students learning English once a week in an eikaiwa setting can become “fluent” at asking and answering all of the questions in AGO Q&A Aqua by the end of their first year of study! This is a good benchmark and a challenge students enjoy taking part in!

“Fluent” means that students have picked up all the game vocabulary and internalized all the question structures, so they can ask and answer them without refering to the cards. They will also be able to apply the grammar rules in different contexts and do all of this naturally and effortlessly!

Several elements need to come together over the course of the year to achieve this result. As well as good classroom management and teaching technique, building up the reading and writing skills required is key – so besides playing a game of AGO for 10 minutes at the beginning or end of lessons, phonics study, readers and a suitable workbook are also key components.

This article gives more detailed pointers on how to achieve this result (or even better it) in your classroom: AGO-QnA-in-one-year-classroom-guide

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